10 Best Stroller for Toddlers & Big Kids

best baby stroller

When you are out to buy the best baby stroller, there are a lot of options available. You need to select the one that works best for your baby. Here in this article, we will dive deep and look for the best baby stroller.

A baby stroller helps you a lot. It has a lot of applications for your baby. Many parents think that baby stroller is the most important item in their shopping. A stroller helps you to move your baby all over the town. It serves as the best walking kit for your baby.

As a result, you must know what serves the best for your baby. A good stroller for your neighbors may not suit best to you. So, we are here without a guide with the best options from the market. Read this guide till the end to know about the best one for your kid.

So, let us start with the best ten strollers available in the market. We will then learn what makes them best and the features to look.

1.    Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Strolle

Baby Jogger made a GT2 baby stroller for parents who seek for the best quality stroller. If you need the best quality at any cost, buy GT2. It comes with all the features to makes it the best stroller for older child.

The weight limit of the GT2 stroller is 65 pounds. It also comes with a 5 point stroller harness. These security points will make sure that your child remains safe within the stroller.

A baby stroller is meant to move your child and wheels are the best elements of interest in a stroller. GT2 stroller comes with wheels suspension, air rubber tires. As a result, the stroller will run perfectly on any surface.

When you are climbing stairs or passing through an uneven surface, you want to fold the stroller. GT2 comes with a one-hand fold system. You just need to strap with one hand and the stroller will fold itself.

When traveling in a car, you can easily make this suitable for a car. GT2 comes with car seat adapters. They allow you to fit the stroller on the car seat and keep your baby safe in this best quality stroller.


Weight                       21.4 pounds

Dimensions              44.9 x 21.2 x 43.5 inches

Capacity                    65 pounds

  • Safe for kids
  • Easy to move, easier to fold
  • Quality wheels
  • Very expensive
  • No carry bag

GT2 will be the ideal stroller for your kid. It will make sure a smooth ride and at the same time a safer one too. On hot days, you can use the canopy on it to shade on your kid. GT2 has all the features to make it easy for parents. Thus, it is not only the best stroller for big kids but also suitable for newborns.

2.    Evenflo Vive Travel System with Embrace – Complete travel system

Evenflo Vive Travel System with Embrace

Baby strollers come in a lot of variety. Some of them are can be molded to act as the best car seat. Parents prefer these strollers because these seats allow them to carry their kids at ease. This baby stroller from Evenflo is also one of them.

The first thing that parents look for is the weight limit of the seat. Evenflo knows that you need a stroller that will work best for a long time. So, this one can handle up to 35 pounds as a car seat and up to 50 pounds as a stroller.

The stroller comes with a large canopy and a full sun visor. Moreover, it has a peek-a-boo window. These features will keep your little kid safe inside the stroller. Now, no worry from the bright sun.

The best thing about this stroller is the fact that you can fold it with ease. This is the best baby stroller that will size just 16 inches when folded. Hence, you can carry it easily.

Evenflo knows your needs. So, they came up with a complete travel system for your kid. As a result, this stroller has everything that you need. It has two cup holders, a safe space for a mobile phone, and a basket. You can use it to store personal objects.

All the features become useless when the wheels of the stroller are sub-standard. Evenflo came with shock-absorbing wheels. As a result, you can easily move this best stroller for 3 year old in all types of streets.


Weight                       29.8 pounds

Dimensions              35.8 x 20.9 x 41.7 inches

Capacity                    50 pounds for stroller

  • Easy to carry when folded.
  • Complete travel system
  • Safe for kid
  • Less reliable lock.

Some parents love to buy everything from separate sellers with the best standards. Others love to shop for all items from a single and trusted seller. If you need a complete travel system, then you should buy this one from Evenflo. It has a stroller, a car seat, has space for saving your personal stuff. At the time of need, you can fold the stroller and it will size minimum. Thus, it is one solution to all your problems.

3.    Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller – Best for jogging

This baby stroller from Baby Trend is my best pick for jogging parents. If you love to carry your kid when you are out for jogging, buy this one. What makes it the best baby stroller for running is its large bicycle wheels.

The large wheels in this stroller will allow you to move it without any effort. Even at rough surfaces, the stroller will move with ease. When jogging, you can move the stroller at a fast speed. The large wheels will support the speed.

When you want to maneuver, you can do it with ease through its front swivel wheel. It has locks for jogging. You can use this stroller for as much as six months. This is the recommended age of this stroller. While it may be less for some parents, we think that it is enough for a stroller in this price range.

The max weight capacity of this stroller by Baby Trend is 50 pounds. However, it is good to discontinue the use when your kid reaches to 42 pounds. It has a five-point harness.

You can fold this stroller with an easy as it becomes very compact. The stroller has all the features to make it suitable for jogging. It has a large canopy. This will keep your baby safe from sunlight.

The stroller comes with a storage basket. This makes it ideal to carry with you to the superstore. The stroller also comes with two cup holders. Thus, the best stroller for jogging.


Weight                       25.5 pounds

Dimensions              47 x 21 x 41 inches

Capacity                    50 pounds

  • Best for jogging
  • Large wheels
  • More space for keeping items.
  • Front-wheel may loose

If you are a jogging lover, your baby must not stop you from jogging. This stroller will allow you to jog while keeping the baby with you. It has large bicycle wheels to keep the stroller moving even in extreme places. The basket and place for cups mean that you can keep as much stuff as you wish. Overall, you will love this stroller and your kid will feel very comfortable in this stroller.

4.    Kolcraft Cloud Plus Compact Travel Stroller – Lightweight stroller

During travel, you may need to fold the stroller especially when you are climbing the stairs. At that time, light in weight stroller helps you a lot. You don’t need many efforts to carry it. Kolcraft knows it, so they came up with the lightest stroller that weighs just 11.8 pounds.

We are insisting on weight, that doesn’t mean that there is no other feature. The stroller also comes with an extended canopy and a peek a boo window. You will keep your baby safe from sun waves. At the same time, you can keep an eye on the little one and make sure they are safe.

Apart from weight, the folding system also helps a lot in carrying a stroller. You can fold this one from Kolcraft with a lot of ease using just one hand. Thus, if you are out for vacations, climbing stairs, or using a car, the stroller will help you.

The seat is reclining that comes with five points of safety. Your child will remain safe all the time. The max weight that this light stroller can handle is 40 pounds. This makes it the best lightweight stroller for toddlers.

You can store a lot of items on this stroller. It has a child tray and a parent tray. Use them to keep items. The child tray can keep two cups and a juice box. On the other hand, the parents’ tray has space for water bottles and extra items.

When your child is ready to control their body and neck weight, this is the best time to use this stroller by Kolcraft. Remember that it is just a baby stroller and not a car seat. However, you can fold this small stroller in your car, and it will not take a large space.


Weight                       11.8 pounds

Dimensions              31.2 x 18 x 39 inches

Capacity                    40 pounds

  • Very light, easy to fold.
  • A lot of storage
  • Safe for your kid
  • Sunshade won’t move
  • Difficult to turn

Some parents love very light strollers. They need one that is easy to carry when not in use. Well, you will not find any stroller lighter than this one. It weighs just 11.8 pounds. Apart from weight, it has a lot of safety features for your loved one. These options will keep your child safe from shocks, sun, and fall. Some items are difficult to turn. However, overall, this is one of the best light in weight stroller.

5.    Summer 3Dlite Convenience Stroller – Very convenient to move

Summer Infant came with the best baby stroller for your kid that is easy to move. It is a light in weight model that is very easy to move and is best for travel. Want more? The seating area is very large. Thus, your kid will easily accommodate this stroller.

It is a strong stroller with a durable frame. Despite being strong, the weight of the stroller is just 13 pounds. As a result, you can carry it anywhere with a lot of ease. There is no issue for you at all. If you need a stroller for everyday use or travel, this easy to move stroller will help you.

The stroller is a four-position recline. At the same time, it comes with a five-point safety harness. This will not only keep your child comfortable during the ride, but also, they will remain safe.

The max weight capacity of this stroller is fifty pounds. This makes it the best travel stroller for toddler.

When you don’t want to use it, you can carry it with a lot of ease. The stroller has a compact fold, easy carry strap, and safety lock. Thus, you can easily keep the stroller when to fold. The best thing about this stroller is that you can easily adjust the canopy or even remove it. Thus, you will never worry about the sun, whether it is facing or opposing your child.

The best baby stroller comes with a lot of storage for your items. This one is no exception with enough space for your items. A large basket, rear pocket, and a cup holder are there to keep you going.


Weight                       13 pounds

Dimensions              18 x 17 x 43 inches

Capacity                    50 pounds

  • Easy to move, very lightweight
  • Best for travel, safe for the child
  • Easily fold, best canopy
  • The seat is spacious but thin.

If your previous stroller was difficult to move, or you want your first stroller to move with ease, buy this one from Summer Infant. You will love the list of features that they are offering in a single stroller. It is safe to use, has a lot of space, and comes with the storage part. Moreover, you can fold it with ease, lock it, adjust the canopy, and much more. All of these features make it one of the best baby stroller.

6.    Baby Trend Skyline 35 Travel System

Until one, all of the strollers were best for both genders. However, this one is especially for the female gender. It has a pink color in it, that will make it ideal for your girl. Like the one from Evenflo, this one is also a complete travel system. However, this time it is from Baby Trend.

The shape of this stroller is of the tricycle. This allows you to easily move the stroller with one hand. You can adjust the height of the stroller as per the need of your kid. Moreover, the front wheels are swivel, while you can lock rear wheels for safety purposes.

The stroller also comes with a car seat. This completes the item as a travel system. When you are traveling, just fit the car seat to make sure your child is safe.

Baby Trend knows that you need space to keep all important items. So, they featured a large basket in this stroller. You can easily store items in it. Moreover, there is a parent console. This gives you extra room to store items.

You must never ignore the weight capacity of the stroller. This one is not for older kids as it has a weight capacity of just 35 pounds. Thus, you have to make sure to buy another stroller once your kid reaches to weight limit. This will keep your kid and stroller safe.


Weight                       38.5 pounds

Dimensions              38.5 x 24 x 42.1 inches

Capacity                    35 pounds

  • Best for baby girls
  • Rear wheels lock makes it safe.
  • Large storage area
  • The buckle is hard to tight.

Strollers are usually for both genders. However, some girls love the pink color from a very early age. As a parent, you wish to keep all items of the same color. So, this pink color stroller is a blessing in these conditions. However, it is not the color solely that should motivate you to buy this stroller. It is a safe stroller with a large storage area. As a result, you must try it for your child.

7.    Disney Amble Quad Travel System

If your kid loves cartoons, this mickey stroller is for them. The best part about this stroller is that you can lift it very easily. It looks very beautiful and your kid will love it when they travel in this stroller.

Like other options, this one is also a complete travel system by Disney. Not only a stroller, but it also has a car seat. Thus, your kid will remain safe anywhere you go.

You can easily attach the infant seat to the stroller. It is one simple click. Just adjust the seat and it will fix. Thus, you don’t need to do a lot of effort. The harness type of this stroller is five points. This makes sure that your kid remains safe in the stroller.

Well, you must ask me what the weight limit of this kids’ stroller is. You can use the stroller as long as your kid weighs lower than 50 pounds. The base is adjustable. This is not a gender-specific stroller. You can buy it for both baby girls, and boys.

Since it is a complete travel system, it has ample space for storing your items. You can either keep your mobile phone, home keys, and other items in this stroller. You can easily pick this stroller or move it with one hand. There is not much effort required for this stroller.


Weight                       34.4 pounds

Dimensions              33 x 20 x 19 inches

Capacity                    50 pounds

  • Mickey stroller
  • Easy to move
  • Easier to adjust
  • Issues in wheels

You should buy this best baby stroller from Disney that is red color. Your kid will surely love it as it is very safe for your kid. The weight limit of this stroller is also higher and is good for kids of older age. As long as you ride the stroller on a smooth surface, this one will serve the best for you.

8.    Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Stroller

Baby Trend came up with this one of the best compact double stroller. It is the first one in our list of top 10 best baby strollers. The stroller has everything that makes it the best baby stroller.

You can adjust the position for your infants as you wish. One of them will sit and others will stand. The other position could be both of them sitting. You must buy an extra seat. Thus, it will work as the best stroller for infant twins and also for kids of different ages.

The weight capacity limit of this stroller is fifty pounds for each kid. This allows your kids to use this best double stroller for toddlers as long as they are under three years.

The stroller comes with a large basket. This will allow you to put the items that you need during giving a ride to your kids. When folded, the stroller takes a very compact shape. As a result, you can move it with a lot of ease.

You can also adjust the stroller as a car seat. Thus, no worries when you are driving. Your kids will remain safe in the stroller as well as by car. The weight of the stroller is just 27 pounds. Thus, despite being the best two seat stroller, it is not heavy at all.


Weight                       27 pounds

Dimensions              49 x 21.5 x 43 inches

Capacity                    50+50 pounds

  • Best for two kids
  • One sit, one stand, or both sit.
  • Compact fold
  • Difficult to apply brakes

This one is another stroller from Baby Trend in our list of top strollers. There is an obvious reason that many of these brands are making way to the top. The only reason is the best quality and good price. This stroller is also one of the best for two kids. Your kids will love riding it. Plus, it will be also very convenient for you to use. You can buy accessories and make a car seat from the stroller. In any case, you and your kids will like the ride.

9.    Graco Verb Travel System

We are here with another travel system but this time from “Graco”. The best thing about this stroller is that it is very affordable to buy. Thus, you don’t need to step out of your budget to afford one.

It comes with a stroller and an infant car seat. You can use it when sitting your kid in the car. The weight limit of the car seat is 30 pounds while that of the stroller is fifty pounds. The stroller comes with one click connect system. You can attach the car seat to the stroller with the ease of a single click.

The wheels come suspended, so it is always safe for your kids. Even on uneven terrains, you will enjoy the ride. The front wheels of the stroller are swivel and you can lock them. As a result, you have more control over the stroller when you are out with your baby.

Folding this stroller is also very easy. You can use one hand to do so. When you are out and don’t want to use the stroller anymore, this feature will help you a lot. It comes with cup holders, tray, and a basket to keep your daily-use items in place.

When you see all the best features, you must think that this one must be very heavy. However, Graco made it very light with just of just 18.85 pounds. Hence, there is no problem ever to carry the stroller.


Weight                       18.85 pounds

Dimensions              18 x 25 x 40.5 inches

Capacity                    50 pounds

  • Complete travel system
  • Easy to fold
  • Safe for kid
  • Wheels may wear off for some users.

If you need an easy to use, simple, and light in the weight travel system, buy this one. It will work best for your kid. At the same time, the price is very much within the range and you will not find any reason to deny this stroller. The features are good, the stroller is safe for kids, and is very much portable at the same time. Hence, it has all that you need from a stroller.

10. GB Pockit+ All Terrain

Last but not least stroller in our list is this one from GB. It is also one of the lightest in weight stroller with weight just over 12 pounds. You will never find any problem in moving this stroller from one place to another.

The design of this stroller also justifies the weight of this stroller. It is very compact in design. At the same time, you can collapse it with a lot of ease. Thus, it will never become an issue for you when you are out for a ride.

The material of this stroller is very durable. You can use the stroller both for everyday use as well as travel. Even at uneven terrains, your kid will remain safe in this stroller. The seat reclines easily. As a result, your kid will enjoy a relaxed ride in this stroller.

The stroller also comes with a canopy. This will make sure that your kid remains safe from the rays of the sun. Usually, baby strollers come with a weight limit capacity of fifty pounds. However, this stroller from GB has a weight capacity of 55 pounds. Thus, even elder kids can sit in this stroller.

The front wheels are swivel. They will allow you to easily turn the stroller in parks or streets. However, when you are traveling on uneven terrains, just lock the wheels. As a result, they will not change direction.


Weight                       12.3 pounds

Dimensions              28 x 19 x 39.8 inches

Capacity                    55 pounds

  • Front swivel wheels
  • Wheels lock for safety
  • Light in weight stroller
  • Small storage

As a parent, you want to buy only the best items for your kids. A stroller is a product that helps parents more than the kid. This one from GB is a bit expensive but meets all the quality standards. It is very strong and is made up of durable materials. You will love the way it works. The front wheels are swivel that will allow easy moving for your stroller.

When you are out to buy the best baby stroller, you had to look at a lot of options. Every parent wants to buy the best one in terms of quality. However, you had to consider your budget too. Many people comprise of quality when they try to buy a budget stroller.

The main reason for creating this list was to give you the best quality strollers at a good price. Apart from two strollers, all of them had a price lower than 150 bucks. While the budget strollers are also best in quality.

You can buy the best stroller for newborn twins or purchase the best lightweight stroller for 5 year old. In each case, you should not step out of your budget. Remember the basic things that you must consider when buying the best baby stroller. It should be safe for baby, easy to move, must have enough space, and more than your kid’s current weight.

If you are still confused about which one will be the best baby stroller for your kid, have a look at our buying guide below. It will answer all your questions regarding the best baby stroller.

Buying Guide

When you search for the market to buy the best baby stroller, you will find a lot of options. There are fewer features to consider and more strollers to select between. This is where many people get confused as to what stroller to select.

So, here I will mention all the features that you must consider before buying the best baby stroller. Keep an eye on them and look for a stroller that comes with these features. When you find the required features in a stroller, buy them with confidence. So, let us look at all the features that you must consider.

Type of use

Your type of use is the first indicator that will determine which type of stroller will work perfectly for you. The best baby stroller will be one that meets your needs with no issues and no compromises.

Let us define some specific uses. Some parents need a stroller for just an evening walk. In this case, any mild price stroller will work best for you. Other parents need one to take the kid to the grocery shop. A stroller with a storage basket will be ideal in this case.

Some parents need a stroller to let them pick their kid for jogging. In this case, you need a reliable stroller with quality wheels that can handle speed. The type of terrain in which you use also plays a vital role. For hard terrain, you need strong wheels.

When you specify your type of use, you will do the scrutiny of a lot of models. Your choice will now narrow down with only a dozen strollers left to select. With this in mind, let us move towards other features of our best baby stroller.

Newborn friendly

If you are shopping for your newborn, this feature is a must to have a feature in your stroller. Without newborn support, you should not shop a stroller. What makes a stroller ideal for newborns? Let us have a look.

A newborn can’t keep their body straight in a fixed posture. They can’t handle the weight of their neck and head. Thus, you need a stroller with a reclining seat. Some models also come with neck support. When you are buying for a newborn, these features matter a lot. You need max support for your kid.

Many models don’t come with newborn supports because these options limit the use. Instead, they have options to attach accessories. You can buy them and make the stroller best for newborns. I will urge you to buy these models because they will work for longer.


How long do you plan to use the stroller? The answer to this question means a lot when you shop for the best baby stroller. Many people plan to use a single stroller for up to four years of age. In this case, look for the best lightweight stroller for 4 year old.

If you are planning to use a stroller for some years, it is better to invest in one that can stretch or contract as per need. If you plan to use the same stroller for other kids too, buy a reliable one. In these cases, it is better to invest in a best in quality, high-priced stroller.

However, if you are planning to use a stroller for some months, you must buy a budget stroller. Even if you plan to use the stroller for 1-2 years, a mid-priced stroller is best.

Easy to move

The next thing to consider is your best baby stroller is its ability to move with ease. The easier it is to move, the more you should prefer it. While many strollers come with quality wheels, some of them are difficult to move.

When you are buying from a physical store, go for a trial round. If you are buying online, check for all the reviews. We mentioned those that were difficult to move in our reviews. Buy the one that is easiest to move. So, you will never suffer.

Easy to fold

Sometimes, you will need to fold the stroller in between the use. It may be when you are climbing stairs or any other reason. In this case, you need a stroller that is easy to fold.

Some strollers come with a special feature in this case. They have a one-hand fold system. Thus, you can fold the strollers with a lot of ease. Another thing to consider is its shape after folding. You must be able to move them with ease after folding.

Weight of stroller

Many baby strollers are light in weight. While some models are heavier with more than 30 pounds weight. For a stroller, I will recommend you buy a stroller that weighs less than 20 pounds. However, the stroller must remain strong enough to carry the weight of your baby.

We have some models in the list that weighs eleven and twelve pounds. The best baby stroller must be very light. You will be carrying the baby, diapers, stroller, and your stuff. In this case, slightly more weight will make a lot of difference. So, aim for one that weighs the least.

Weight capacity

The weight limit of your stroller tells how much weight it can handle. That is the max weight of the baby that it can accommodate. Most of the models come with a weight limit of fifty pounds.

Some expensive models can handle as much as 70 pounds. While other budget models can handle only 35 pounds in weight. So, you must know your need before selecting the best baby stroller.

Type of wheels

The type of wheels matters a lot. Many people ignore this feature because little is given about them in the description. However, you need to read all the reviews to find about them.

Some models come with very poor quality wheels. They will break in the mid of your journey. No one wants this to happen. So, before deciding a model, make sure that it features the best quality wheels.

Safety features

Safety must be your first concern as a parent. You need a model that is very safe for your kid. You may leave your kid in the stroller during shopping. In other cases, you will sit on the bench while your kid will remain in the stroller.

The best baby stroller must have a buckle or safety belt. Moreover, it should be easy to tight this belt. A wheel lock is a must to add features in baby strollers. It allows you to leave the kid without any issue.

Customer reviews will help you determine the type of safety features. The reason is that these people have experience in using the item. They will tell you in a better way about how safe this stroller is.

Storage space

When you are with your kid, you must be carrying some other stuff too. Whether it is some grocery, or carrying water bottles, you need space to keep this stuff. The more space is better for a baby stroller. As a result, you can keep more stuff in your stroller.

Some of them even come with special slots for specific items. This includes cups, mobile phones, and related items. Other models come with a basket to place all items safely. Any of these options will work best when you are selecting the best baby stroller. They will allow you to carry and travel with ease.


Almost all models come for both genders. There is neither special color nor special features for any gender. However, there are a few that are good for a specific gender. Example of such is Baby Trend Skyline 35. It is a nice travel system for the female gender.

If you plan to buy the same color stuff for your kid, this stroller will be useful for you.

Shade system

Parents had to take their kids out in the daytime. This may be an emergency or a trip to the grocery store. In this case, you need some shade system on your stroller. Hence, it will make sure that your kid remains safe from sunlight.

Some models come with an umbrella, while others have a canopy on their top. The best models come with an adjustable canopy. Thus, you can move it to the sun-facing side as per your need.

A travel system or just a stroller?

Many strollers come as only strollers. However, others come as a complete travel system. So, you need to decide what you need. Remember that there is a minimum price difference between both. Even the best travel systems are affordable

If you have a car and will drive your kid, I will recommend you buy the whole travel system. In this case, you will shop once. On the other hand, if you think you won’t take your kid on a drive, you may opt for a simple stroller. Select for the best baby stroller in your case.


Which stroller is best for a newborn?

People prefer strollers from UPPAbaby a lot. They make some of the best strollers for newborns. Apart from this, Baby Zen also makes the best overall strollers for newborns.

Can newborns go in strollers?

Newborns can use a stroller, and there is no issue in it. However, you have to make sure that the seat reclines. The reason is that newborns can’t keep their bodies straight. So, a reclining seat will work the best for them.

What is the best stroller 2020?

If you are looking for quality, then you must buy a GT2 stroller from Baby Jogger. It has all the features that you need from the best baby stroller. However, if you are looking for a budget, then you have other best options like Kolcraft, Baby Trend, etc.

What is the safest baby stroller?

There are a lot of safe baby strollers. You may look in our list to find one for your baby. However, when you are looking for a safe stroller, you must consider some basic things.

  • It must come with wheels lock.
  • There should be a lock for the buckle.
  • The stroller must contain ample space.
  • It should be easy to control.

Are expensive strollers worth it?

The expensive models come with perfect features. They work best for most parents. The material used in these strollers is of the best quality. However, it is not necessary to buy an expensive stroller.

The best baby stroller must fit best with your kid. Even a budget stroller can suit best. So, when the expensive strollers work best for many users, you may also find a good one at affordable prices.

What is the most expensive baby stroller?

The most expensive stroller is GT2 from Baby Jogger. It is very safe for your kids, is easy to control, and comes with quality wheels. Apart from it, GB makes the second expensive strollers. They are also among the best strollers for your baby.

Do you really need a stroller?

A stroller is not a must object for your kid. However, having one is highly recommended. If you want to travel with your kid or want to take them for jogging, a stroller will help you. Many strollers come with safety and sunblock features. Thus, they provide a safe medium for your kid to travel. If you need these features, buy the best baby stroller.

How much should you spend on a baby stroller?

A baby stroller comes with limited options. You have to select among them and buy the best baby stroller for you. So, you can select one with as little as 100 bucks or go out of your budget to buy one for over 1000 bucks. I think you should buy between 100 to 250 bucks to buy a baby stroller for your kid.

When should I buy a stroller?

When you know that you will have a baby shortly, it is time to look for your options. Some people want to buy a stroller for their newborns. Others prefer to wait for some months before buying one.

I think the best time for buying the best baby stroller is when your baby is just some weeks old. A stroller will help you a lot in moving them from one place to another with a lot of ease.

What age do you stop using a stroller?

There are no official guidelines about the maximum age for a stroller. However, many models come with a weight limit of fifty pounds. As a result, you have to stop using a stroller when your kid reaches three years of age. If you buy a stroller with more weight limit, you can keep using the stroller for even three and a half years.